US Brand Name:: Megalis 20mg
Brand Name:: Megalis 20mg
Generic Name:: Tadalafil
Packing:: 4 Tablets
Form:: Tablet
Strength:: 20 mg
Manufacturer:: Macleods
Shipment Time: 7-10 Working Days

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Megalis (Tadalafil) is an oral medicine, used for the treatment of male impotence, in other words called as erectile dysfunction. Megalis force begins functioning in 30 minutes and goes on for approximately 48 hours, while Viagra force function for 5 hours. It can be used for different reasons.

Distinct from Viagra and Levitra, Megalis impact works for longer up to 48 hours. Also, Megalis has fewer side effects; Megalis is to be taken from 30 minutes to 12 hours before sex, 66% clients prefer Megalis than Viagra.


Megalis have to be taken as prescribed by your medical expert. If it’s not too much trouble check the name to determine an exact dosing instruction. Megalis is to be consumed orally, with or without food. For consuming as required: Megalis is to be consumed not less than 30 prior minutes sexual movement, as administered by your medical expert.


Take Megalis regularly at about the same time daily. Talk with your specialist, in the event that you have learnt about the method for taking Megalis. Take advice from your doctor before consuming grapefruit juice while taking Megalis.

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