Are you worried About your sexual Relationship?
Are you worried About your sexual Relationship?
By mydsrx08 - August 20, 2016

Generic Viagra is a great remedy for men to recover their sexual health. Impotency is the problem to which generic Viagra is best reply. ED causes erectile disorder in men. Generic Viagra treats ED by showing great potential. The medicine is taken orally simply with a glass of water. Inside the drug Sildenafil citrate resides as a chief element. Sildenafil deals with erectile issues with proficiency.

Generic Viagra is also called blue pill due to its blue color. This pill is pocket friendly. Unlike its branded counterpart, the generic drug is cheap and inexpensive. However, it does no compromise with quality. Generic Viagra is an accepted drug with FDA and suggested to be taken on prescription from doctor or pharmacy dropshipper.

Generic Viagra Dosage

Generic Viagra is available in Pharmacy dropshipper with three forms- 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. However, starting dose is generally 50mg. The drug is administered orally with water. One pill is suggested for complete 24 hours. Men are not supposed to take one more pill within 24 hours. The pill is supposedly taken as a whole. Breaking or crushing or chewing lead to no results. Generic Viagra is required to be taken minimum 30 minutes before the sexual act. Do not hurry after taking it. Old men need to be extra careful. It is a strict rule for them to take the drug only if they have permission from their healthcare professional. The dose of this tablets should not be adjusted on own. Drug’s response and results can result in increasing the dose to 100mg or may decrease it to 25mg.

Drug taking process

Most important is to take generic Viagra as directed by doctor or Generic viagra supplier. All rules and dosing tips should be adopted by the book. Generic Viagra is a pill form drug needed to be swallowed similar to other medications. Only water should be used to swallow the pill. Immediate results appear. While, other solutions like juice or anything else, delay the breaking down of the drug, hence delay results as well. Having food before taking the drug is fine or it can also be taken empty stomach.

Over dosage and Missing Dose

Generic Viagra’s overdose is dangerous. The condition of overdosing arises when men take more than two pills in one day. Men overdosed reported facing severe health problems. Therefore, it is must to take the dose as said by doctor.

As this tablets is directed to be taken before the sexual activity, so men do not have to worry about missing dose. The drug can be taken any time before the sexual act.

Generic Viagra Storage Tips

Room temperature gives thriving environment to generic Viagra wholesaler. Hot and cold temperatures put pressure on the drug and shorten its lifespan. For storing the pills find an air tight box. Further, keep the box in some dark and cool place of the room. Do not store the drug in bathroom and kitchen.